Rural Youth Results

Finding Avenues to Engage Rural Youth in Democratic Life

In our pursuit to understand and enhance rural youth inclusion and participation, we've undertaken extensive research and practical initiatives. Here's a snapshot of our accomplishments:

Extensive Research on Rural Youth Inclusion and Participation

We meticulously develop a research methodology plan, conduct quantitative research via an online platform, organize focus groups for further insight, and perform thorough desktop research. Our analysis of data culminates in the development of comprehensive research reports. Additionally, we craft a Best Practices Report aimed at advocating for rural youth policies.

Creation of an Online Platform for Policy Advocacy and Youth Networking

Our efforts extend to the digital realm, where we conduct desk research on existing training examples, develop tailored training materials for an online platform, and prepare this platform to facilitate seamless collaboration between rural youth and policymakers. We ensure accessibility by translating and uploading materials to the platform. Moreover, we orchestrate two rounds of rural youth e-councils and activities and facilitate six e-meetings with policymakers to foster dialogue and cooperation.

Development of the RYTA Training Course Toolkit and Train the Trainers Toolkit

In our commitment to capacity-building, we collaborate on the development of a comprehensive training course toolkit. This includes the design of dynamics and session outlines for a Train the Trainers toolkit, as well as the creation of a gamification activity to engage users. Our efforts extend beyond content creation; we organize an online "Train the Trainers" session and provide coordination and reporting for national trainings. Furthermore, we play a pivotal role in organizing and reporting on national and transnational mobility activities in Tunisia.

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