Highlights From RYTA's Transnational Meeting in Larissa - Greece

Highlights From RYTA’s Transnational Meeting in Larissa – Greece

Witness a pivotal moment in the dynamic collaboration that unfolded on the 12th and 13th of September 2023 during the Rural Youth Training Activities (RYTA) transnational meeting in Larissa. This event marked a significant stride in the ongoing efforts of our international partners dedicated to amplifying youth social inclusion through the RYTA project.

Hosted by the coordinator iED in their Larissa, Greece premises, this hybrid meeting brought together physical participants from ARCES (Italy), TDM 2000 (Italy), PDA (Lebanon), and online contributors from NARC (Jordan) and UTAP (Tunisia). Within this meeting, key discussions, progress updates, and future project planning unfolded seamlessly.

The meeting kicked off with iED presenting an insightful overview of the project’s accomplishments and ongoing work packages. Notably, the Preparation and Research of methodologies to outreach youngsters in rural areas was completed, and a retrospective of it highlighted the completed deliverables. Policy Advocacy educational modules and an online platform are under development, and plans were made for Training and Mobility Activities, Quality Assurance and Evaluation, and Dissemination.

Delving into specifics, partners identified “Social Inclusion” as a central theme for upcoming training materials, tailored to resonate with local contexts based on national needs. The strategic focus on gamification was emphasized, with a bilateral meeting scheduled to align training materials and toolkits.

Addressing the first result, special emphasis was placed on the impending Interim Report, which is due by December 2023. This comprehensive report encompasses both financial and qualitative monitoring, emphasizing the unwavering commitment to the quality of deliverables. Partners received guidance on maintaining meticulous documentation for internal monitoring and potential audits, with clear insights into budget allocations.

Moving forward, the discussion turned to project dissemination and KPI monitoring. Partners collectively committed to elevating project visibility through consistent social media updates and the creation of a user-friendly news template for seamless sharing. The importance of ongoing evaluation and quality assurance was underscored, with partners urged to actively participate in reporting period surveys.

In conclusion, this transnational meeting in Larissa served as a fertile ground for meaningful discussions and strategic planning. As our partners continue their collaborative journey toward fostering youth social inclusion, anticipate the emergence of innovative solutions and impactful results in the near future. Stay engaged for forthcoming updates as the RYTA project unfolds its transformative narrative.

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