Rural Youth Training Activities

Empowering Rural Youth to Participate in Democratic Life

Explore the potential of rural youth in democratic engagement. Recent EU reports show growing interest in civic participation among rural youth. The RYTA consortium is leading the charge, offering non-formal training and mobility activities to empower rural youth across Europe. Join us in shaping a future where rural youth actively contribute to democratic processes.

Expected Impact

RYTA aims to boost youth participation in rural areas by fostering transnational learning and collaboration between young individuals and decision-makers. Key outcomes include:


Encouraging Civic Participation

Empowering rural youth to engage in civic activities and develop a sense of European citizenship.


Creating Partnerships

Equipping youth with skills to forge partnerships focused on democratic participation and solidarity.


Enhancing Grassroots Capacity

Strengthening the capacity of youth sectors for transnational collaboration on societal issues.

Moreover, RYTA will design training activities to cultivate innovative competencies among rural youth and promote its outcomes locally and globally. In the long term, rural youth will drive social change and establish networks across the EU.


The objectives of RYTA are:

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